Zorro, the Gay Blade (1981)

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Zorro, the Gay Blade (1981)

Mexico, 1840s. When the new Spanish Governor begins to grind the peasants under his heel, wealthy landowner Don Diego Vega (George Hamilton) follows in his late father’s footsteps and becomes Zorro, the masked man in black with a sword who rights wrongs and becomes a folk hero to the people of Mexico. When Vega sprains his ankle and cannot figure out how to continue his campaign against the corrupt Captain Esteban, luck stays with Vega when his long-lost twin brother Ramon (also George Hamilton in a dual role), who was sent off by their father to the British Royal Navy to make a “man” of him, whom is also flamboyantly gay, and now known as Lt. Bunny Wigglesworth, appears for a visit. ‘Bunny’ agrees to temporarily take his brother’s place as Zorro, but wishes to make some changes. Bunny becomes ‘the Gay Blade’ in which his new suits are lemon, plum, and scarlet colored, and Bunny insists on using a whip. Bunny also becomes the liaison between Don Vega and the liberal American activist/feminist Charlotte (Lauren Hutton) a long-time critic of Captain Esteban’s policies, and who has a crush on her masked hero.

Tür : Komedi
Yönetmen : Peter Medak
Senaryo : Johnston McCulley
Imdb Puanı : 5.5/10
Gösterim Tarihi : 17 Haziran 1981 (USA)
Yapım : USA
Dil : İngilizce
Süre : 93 dk
Alternatif İsimleri :
Firma : Melvin Simon Productions

George Hamilton, Lauren Hutton, Brenda Vaccaro, Ron Leibman, Donovan Scott, James Booth, Helen Burns, Clive Revill, Carolyn Seymour, Eduardo Noriega, Jorge Russek, Eduardo Alcaraz, Carlos Bravo y Fernández, Roberto Dumont, Jorge Bolio

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Anahtar Kelimeler

Kader, Homoseksüel, Eşcinsel, Eşcinsel Başrol Oyuncusu, Bağımsız Sinema


Mask, Destiny, Homosexual, Spoof, Actor Playing Multiple Roles, Gay Lead Character, Independent Film, Character Name In Title