La León (2007)

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La León (2007)

Surrounded by water flowing in every direction through the lush jungle, Alvaro (Jorge Román) lives a solitary existence harvesting reeds and fishing. Alvaro is a homosexual. We hesitate to use the term “gay” as there is no subculture here with the local people, the “Isleños.” No “gay ghetto,” no clubs; just one man in the jungle. The people here earn a living navigating the channels in makeshift boats as they harvest and sell the reeds that grow along the riverbanks. The “Isleños” live a very placid, simple existence, fearing outsiders who might disrupt their peaceful ways. Early on in the film, Alvaro hooks up with a man on a speedboat, but his sexual releases seem few and far between. The only link between this outpost and the outside world is the water-taxi “El León” and its captain, El Turu (Daniel Valenzuela). El Turu is a mean man and a homophobe, whose bigotry is hiding his own sexual identity issues. Their bitter yet interdependent relationship all comes to a head in a dramatic turn of events.

Tür : Dram
Yönetmen : Santiago Otheguy
Senaryo : Santiago Otheguy
Gösterim Tarihi : 10 Ekim 2008 (USA)
Yapım : Arjantin | Fransa
Dil : İspanyolca
Süre : 85 dk
Firma : Onyx Films

Jorge Román , Daniel Valenzuela , José Muñoz , Juan Carlos Rivas , Mirta Duran Rivas , Esteban Gonzalez , Alfredo Rivas , Alberto Rivas , Mirta Rivas , Lorena Rivas , Aida Merel , Diego Quiroz , Mariano González , Marcos Woinsky , Jimena Cavaco

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Anahtar Kelimeler

Çıplak Erkek, Erkek Çıplaklığı, Ada, Tecavüz, Katil, Eşcinsel Seks, Gay Seks, Ölüm, Eşcinsel İçerik, Tecavüz Sahnesi, Eşcinsel Başrol Oyuncusu, Homoseksüel


Male Nudity, Gay Slur, Island, Male Rape, Murder, Male Full Frontal Nudity, Gay Sex, Death, Arson, Ferry Boat, Gay Interest, Rape Scene, Soccer, Gay Lead Character, Homosexual

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