Innocent (2005)

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Innocent (2005)

17-year-old Eric follows his parents to immigrate to Canada and is thus forced to confront different emotional and cultural problems. He must not only adjust to the new environment, but also come to terms with his homosexuality. Standing at the brink of adulthood, he encounters a series of potential romantic interests – his handsome cousin, a schoolmate, a middle aged lawyer and finally a kitchen helper. They represent different stages in Eric’s development, from infatuation, sex, love to a sense of responsibility.

Tür : Dram
Yönetmen : Simon Chung
Senaryo : Simon Chung
Yapım : Kanada – HongKong
Dil : Cantonese – İngilizce – Mandarin
Süre : 80 dk
Alternatif İsimleri : Ji oi mak sun yen (Hong Kong)
Firma : Ying E Chi

Po Chan , Timothy Lee , Jovita Adrineda , Wing Wong Wilson Kam , Stephanie Chang , Larry Peloso , David Yee , David Song Wei Liu , Mr. Huang , Grant Chow , Yvonne Yen , Justin Penaloza , Dru Soo , Meredith Short , Terry Wells

Innocent (Ji oi mak sun yen) Trailer / Fragman izle

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