Back Soon (2007)

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Back Soon (2007)

It is a story of love, loss, identity and hope. It follows the relationship between aspiring actor Logan Foster (and reformed drug dealer Gil Ramirez , two men who find themselves inexplicably drawn together despite their disparate backgrounds, and the fact that they both regarded themselves as straight. However, their bond is soon threatened by Gil’s mysterious past and a startling revelation about the true nature of their connection. Neither man is prepared for this, nor the impact it will have on their lives.

Tür : Dram / Romantik
Yönetmen : Rob Williams
Senaryo : Rob Williams
Yapım : USA
Dil : İngilizce
Firma : Guest House Films

Windham Beacham , Matthew Montgomery , Maggie McCollester , Artie O’Daly , Bret Wolfe , Kelly Keaton , Bethany Dotson , Danny Aguirre , Joel Bryant , A.C. Earing , Deven Green , Nora Jesse , Alanna Leigh , Jeremy Lucas , Tammi Mac , Susan Papa , Neil D. Paris , Ken Rambo , Corey Schaffer , Kevin F. Sherry , Andrea Torres , Trane West , Sam P. Whitehead , John Morgan Wilson

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Gay Romance, Gay, Infidelity